What left-handed people can teach the LGBTQ community

For centuries, left-handed people were viewed with scorn and even fear.

Katy Perry helped a woman propose to her girlfriend on-stage

Katy Perry made her fan's wish come true.

Meet Randy Wicker: The unsung hero of the LGBTQ rights movement

In our interview, Wicker talks about organizing the first gay rights demonstration in 1964 and what it was like to be Marsha P. Johnson's roommate.

6 up & coming queer Instagrammers you need to follow right now

LGBTQ Instagrammers give the world a visual peek into their real lives, demystifying the queer experience and bringing us all a little closer together.

Betty Price
GOP lawmaker wants to quarantine people with HIV since they no longer die as ‘readily’

In an even more shocking twist, she is married to disgraced former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

This is the average face of the United States Congress

Watch and see how Senators brush off the photo and it's implications, but stick around to find out how their constituents reacted to it.

al franken jeff sessions
Al Franken destroyed Jeff Sessions in front of Congress over his record on LGBT rights

"'No Trump admin official has done more to hurt LGBT people than you."

Siblings testify murdered child was fed cat feces, spoiled food & his own vomit

His mother's boyfriend is on trial for killing the 8-year-old boy because he assumed the child was gay. His siblings' testimony left the jury in tears.

lesbian couple trump supporter
Lesbian couple followed & harassed by Trump supporter caught it all on video

First he got uncomfortably close and then he started yelling at them.

The musical ‘Gypsy’ has a killer queer secret hiding in plain sight

Momma Rose was cleaned up for public consumption and the real story will shock you.

Ellen DeGeneres: Me too

Ellen DeGeneres has stepped forward in front of her audience of millions to share that she has also been assaulted or harassed.

This incredible Burger King hidden camera video of customers will move you to tears

Will more customers complain about a squashed sandwich or help a young man being bullied in front of them? You'll be shocked when you find out.

george w bush trump bigotry
George W. Bush just read Trump for filth without ever dropping his name

"Bigotry in any form is blasphemy against the American creed."

What’s the real reason Jeff Sessions is helping with a trans hate crime prosecution?

While speculation has run rampant, this explanation makes the most sense.

Jeff Mateer
Hear Trump’s judicial nominee admit he blatantly discriminates against LGBTQ people

He doesn't think his admission to not treating people equally should affect his ability to become a judge.

LGBT History Month is as whitewashed as Tom Sawyer’s fence

It's time to stop tokenizing a few people and share the larger history most people don't know.

Kellogg’s anti-bullying Spirit Day video is going to break the web today

The cereal giant's mascots have joined together to condemn bullying and offer words of support LGBTQ kids.

caitlyn jenner
Caitlyn Jenner declines award after outrage from the trans community

"I understand that my presence is distracting from the real purpose of the event."

Rentboy.com CEO starts 6 month prison sentence for ‘promoting prostitution’

The site was targeted by authorities who didn't bat an eye at similar websites aimed at heterosexuals.

PHOTOS: These vintage gay pride photos are absolutely everything

The photographer had no idea he was capturing a special moment in LGBTQ history.

Infowars latest: Michelle Obama is trans & drag queens are demons who want your kids

Also, according to them, Michelle Obama is a transgender woman who used to be named Michael.

lgbt suicide flier
Someone put up posters on a college campus telling LGBT students to kill themselves

The hate fliers were posted on the same day that the university opened its first LGBT center.

Pence spokesperson won’t deny he ‘wants to hang’ all gay people

His office says many of the claims are untrue, but wouldn't say the Vice President doesn't want to hang all the gays.