Why don’t terrorism trolls think before they tweet?

Call it the Survival Guide for the Marginalized: steps you can take right now, or at least before the next terrorist strike.

Pride, consumerism, & the sale of a civil rights movement

A few years ago, I entered my classroom and was about to introduce that day’s lesson when a large poster pinned to the bulletin board caught my eye.

Ben Carson
Ben Carson’s name suddenly disappears from hate group conference schedule

Will Ben Carson be presenting to hate group members at their big anti-LGBTQ summit?

Surgeons report nearly 20 percent increase in number of transgender surgeries

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons provided us with exclusive new information on the number of gender confirmation surgeries.

Heartbreak for these 2 dads forced to surrender their newborn daughter

Arnout Janssen and Stefano Franke had 13 amazing days with the baby girl they adopted before they were forced to give her back.

Transgender woman describes escape from harrowing violence in Chechnya

The former Chechen government employee fled Russia to escape death and is now living under the radar in the United States.

Phillips-Stackman couple baby
Judge to lesbian parents fighting for rights: ‘You can’t overcome biology’

All they ask is to both be recognized as their child's parent.

Chechnya survivor
26 gay, bi men killed in Chechnya, investigators told while police deny abuses

One top police official even suggested that a gay parade could take place in Chechnya and no one would harm the participants.

Gay men caned dozens of times in front of a cheering crowd in Indonesia

The men were convicted of sodomy after vigilantes barged into an apartment and filmed them naked in bed.

Texas’ bathroom bill would out trans students to their classmates

The measure poses an excruciating dilemma for schools that have agreed at parents' requests to keep the birth genders of some students secret.

The internet bursts into tears in support of Manchester victims

Celebrities shared their sorrow with fans and the world via Twitter.

22 dead after terrorists attack Ariana Grande concert in UK

Police in Manchester, England say an explosion ripped through a concert arena just as the singer finished performing.

You’ll smile watching the story of 2 boys who share a same-sex crush

The filmmakers sought $3,000 in their Kickstarter campaign but so far have received more than $14,000.

‘Hope will never be silent:’ Remembering the real Harvey Milk on his birthday

A lot has been said about San Francisco's first out city supervisor, but how much of it is true?

Leo Varadkar
Leo Varadkar will likely be Ireland’s first gay prime minister

If elected, he would become just the fourth openly gay person to head up a country.

Jury selection begins in Bill Cosby’s trial for sex assault of lesbian

Will the jurors chosen to judge the disgraced comedian believe his claim that sex with Andrea Constand was consensual?

Study seriously suggests bisexual women exist because straight men are into them

Are men are attracted to lesbians because they don't have to worry about them sleeping with other men?

Cyril Hanouna
TV host catfishes men with fake bisexual profile & humiliates them live on air

The clueless host says it's sad that he is being called homophobic. Boo hoo.

Indonesia steps up its crackdown on gays with massive raid

141 men arrested at a sauna were photographed and the pictures publicized — and not all of them were out.

Texas senate votes to allow discrimination against gay foster parents

The law would also allow adoption agencies to reject prospective gay parents for "religious" reasons.

He’s ‘assertive’ but she’s ‘bossy’: The double standard language of gender

When males and females both exhibit similar behaviors, the sex we are assigned at birth will often determine the societal stereotype affixed to that behavior.

Texas moves one step closer to passing ‘bathroom bill’ targeting trans people

Supporters used an amendment to tack the bathroom restrictions onto an unrelated bill covering school emergency plans for natural disasters.

Toby Keith performs to a male-only audience

In Riyadh, Toby Keith performed to an all-male audience, because challenging misogyny when you're a conservative dude just isn't done.

Over 100 students walk out of Mike Pence’s commencement speech

Students cited the Vice President's opposition to LGBTQ rights as one of the main reasons for the protest.