Death penalty for the man who killed an 8-year-old he thought was gay

One juror said that the death penalty was not "enough justice" for this brutal murder.

A men’s barbershop refused to serve a trans man

The barber denies everything. You won't believe what he says really happened.

Masturbation turns people gay, according to a Mormon Church booklet

The booklet also has suggestions for turning gay people straight, like taking up gardening.

Donald Trump anti-lgbt
The Trump Administration banned the word ‘transgender’ at the CDC

They banned other phrases too, including "science-based."

This dad’s sign went viral. Now he tells Ellen his lesbian daughter’s tragic story.

He was mad that a hypocrite like Roy Moore would his late daughter a pervert just because she was gay.

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter goes nihilistic over Marco Rubio’s tax break & the internet is here for it

Even Ann Coulter knows she is going to die as she lived: Miserable and alone.

brandi seals
Texas transgender woman found dead in front of construction site

This year has been the deadliest on record for transgender people - most of them trans women of color.

hillary clinton donald trump
‘Punk Hillary’ Clinton got an art show shut down after a Republican bomb dog raised suspicions

The artwork was shipped with another painting, called "Trump Pimp."

Even Donald Trump thinks Roy Moore should finally call it quits

Birds of a feather flock together... until they don't.

An urgent warning from a black elder: The new Jim Crow targets LGBTQ Americans too

I grew up with racist placards that said “Colored Water Fountain,” “Waiting Room For Colored Only,” and "We Serve Whites Only."

Wonder Woman & Supergirl just rocked the internet by getting engaged

The superheroes are teaming up in a way nobody thought possible.

Why is this lesbian trying to overturn marriage equality?

And she’s willing to deny her own kid to do it.

Lady Gaga gets into the holiday spirit with a new elfin look

Gaga is taking gay apparel to a new level.

Amber Ruffin
How black women saved us from Roy Moore

White people, I invite you to look upon our example and steal it. It's called appropriating, and it should be easy for you because you do it all the time.

Top Texas drag queen shot & killed during home invasion

She rising star was part of the same "family" of drag queens as two Drag Race contestants.

robin roberts
Robin Roberts’ perfect response to Omarosa’s firing has the internet in tears

You know you're unpopular when even veteran lesbian newscaster Robin Roberts throws shade your way.

roy moore
Roy Moore refuses to concede because of sodomy, abortion, & transgender people

He went unhinged in a video he released shortly after saying he wouldn't quit because God hadn't told him he lost the election.

Scratch Bermuda off your potential honeymoon list

Why spend your honeymoon dollars someplace where they don't think you should be married?

This guy was busted trying to trade chicken alfredo & Sprite for sex with an underage boy

He thought he would be hooking up with a 15-year-old boy. Instead, he had a date with the cops.

steven grasz
America’s least qualified judge got confirmed by Republicans desperate for a ‘win’

Even the American Bar Association said he is "biased," "unqualified" and has "temperament issues."

Trump evangelical Christians
Christianity Today issues stunning rebuke of Trump & Roy Moore supporters

"Christianity’s integrity is severely tarnished."

Chuck Grassley
Republican senator tells Trump to reconsider nominee who called trans kids ‘Satan’s plan’

This is a rare rebuke from Sen. Chuck Grassley, who normally sides with the president.

Pastor teaches congregation how to avoid a ‘flaming fruit loop’ waiter

After asking for a waitress instead, "you better tip her well, and let that foo-foo know what he missed out on."

Beyoncé was not happy with this woman’s tribute to her favorite singer

The owner thought she'd get a "thank you." Instead she got a cease-and-desist letter.